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Thank you from everyone here at Joy Villages.

Joy Villages (Australia) is a non-profit humanitarian organization in Australia supporting Father Charles Ogada’s work in  Joy Village, Nigeria. 

Joy Village in Ebe district, Enugu State, Nigeria is the headquarters and blueprint for future Joy Villages throughout Nigeria and then Africa. Supported by the registered charity, Spiritan Self Awareness Initiative (SSAI), the non-profit Joy Village has one primary goal:

To adopt poor rural villages and co-develop them into values-based caring communities , or Joy Villages using SSAI’s Triple Care Mandate


To adopt up to 50 poor rural villages in the vicinity of Joy Village and co-develop them into caring communities with the necessities of life such as water, food and shelter.


To provide medical services for the surrounding villages where no medical assistance is readily available, completely free of cost.


To provide quality values-based education to 1500 poor village children at primary and secondary level, completely free of cost.

Joy Villages

Father Charles Ogada is a Nigerian Catholic Priest, a Christian mystic, a Vedantist and an award-winning humanitarian champion. After a profound spiritual awakening at the age of 17, he joined the Spiritan order and attained a higher education studying core aspects of different religions and philosophies. After several years travelling and meditating in India and teaching in Zambia, he returned to a remote village in Nigeria called Ebe where he began his transformative humanitarian work as founder and executive director of the Spiritan Self-Awareness Initiative, the registered charity whose sole purpose is to support Joy Village.

In 2010, Father Charles Ogada founded the Spiritan Self Awareness Initiative (SSAI), a government-certified, non-profit, humanitarian organisation in Nigeria. SSAI purchased the land for Joy Village in Ebe district, Enugu State, and immediately began the first project for Joy Village: free, pure, drinking water to 5000 villagers, increased now 15,000.

Over the last eight years SSAI’s Triple Care Mandate has begun to dramatically transform the villages of the surrounding area which for generations have been plagued by poverty, ill- health, and low aspirations.

The first Joy Village is situated in Ebe district in Enugu State, southern Nigeria, an extremely poor, drought-stricken region. The name Joy Village not only designates the land, buildings, people and charitable works of SSAI, it also represents an ideal of human community centred on awakening the inherent capacity within each one of us to love and to be loved and to come to know our true Self through compassionate service.

The working arms of Sociocare are:

  1. Liquid Love Project providing ample, pure, drinking water to 15,000 village people completely free of cost.
  1. Come and Eat is a village food program providing food relief parcels to over 1500 destitute families
  1. Heart of Love Children’s Home providing high quality live-in care for 27 orphaned or abandoned children
  1. Old is Gold is a village support program for those destitute, elderly villagers who live alone and are without any family to care for them.
  1. Nneani (Mother Land) Farm is a 239 hectares farm owned by SSAI which grows rice and a range of vegetables to provide daily meals to the 1500 students attending The Embodiment of Love Academy, to the children and carers at Heart of Love Children’s Home, and to destitute families in the surrounding villages.

The working arms of Medicare are:

  1. Aruike Speciality Hospital providing free medical assessment, treatment (including hospitalisation) and medication for the surrounding 49 villages.
  1. 24-hour Online Medical Advice providing advice by telephone during the pandemic.

The working arms of Educare are:

  1. The Embodiments of Love Academy providing free, full-time, values-based education for 1500 students from kindergarten, to primary and secondary school levels.
  1. Nigerian Institute for Human Values Education providing training in Human Values-based Education to principals, headteachers and teachers from schools in Enugu State.

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To learn more abut Father Charles and the work of Joy Village in Nigeria you can go to Father Charles’ website at

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If you would like to make a donation, you can do so here. All finances are audited yearly, both in Australia and in Nigeria, and go in total to support the work of Joy Village. All administrative costs in Australia are carried by our able volunteer.


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